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Video Interview Software for Recruiters

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4 in 1 Solution
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4 in 1 Video Interview, Content Creation, and Candidate Outreach Software.

Using One-Way Video Interview Software is a game-changer. But why stop there, ClipDrop.io gives you more than the best user and candidate experience, it can be used for content creating and candidate outreach.  It can even be used to grow your business!

4 in 1 Video Software for Recruiters

Video interview

Bespoke Candidate Outreach

Now you could send a personalized video message to your target candidate complete with gif animation and out-reach message.

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Video Interview 2

One-way Video Interviews

Arranging and attending interviews take up many hours. It is estimated that making bookings and attending interviews face-to-face or online can lead to 6 hours lost.

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Outreach candidate clipdrop.io video interview software

Campaign Outreach

Record one video for all targetted candidates that can be used over and over again, and still have it addressed to them in person using our gif tech.

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Vlog clipdrop.io video interview software

Video Blogs

Posting videos to social media is now simple. Record, upload the application link, and share in three simple steps. Increase traffic with our direct integration with both LinkedIn and Facebook.

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We help you grow your business!

3 in 1 Direct Marketing
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3 in 1 Direct Video Marketing and Vlogging Tools

candidate outreach

Video Blog (VLOG)

Record video content on your product or service and share it easily with your LinkedIn and FaceBook (META) audience.


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candidate outreach

Bespoke Marketing

Send potential customers highly targeted bespoke video messages promoting your product or service on LinkedIn or FaceBook.  

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Bulk Marketing

Send standardized video messages directly to your targeted potential clients via LinkedIn and FaceBook.



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Share Awareness Videos with Candidates:

> Company Intro
> Meet the Team
> Job Overview

Building brand awareness has never been easier
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Angie Shamley

Recruitment Ninja and Business Owner
When you approached me to be part of the ClipDrop case study in June 2021, I was still a one-person business. I was happy to be part of a case study as I had time on my hands as a result of COVID lock-downs. At the time I thought that it might be interesting. What I did not expect was the effect it would have on my business. My turnover is up threefold and I recruited two people to assist me, with a third on their way. Today is the 23rd of January 2022.

Our clients are located in: Unites States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and India

Video Interview, candidate out-reach for sourcers, vlogging and marketing all in one product.

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