About Us

We looked back at 24 years of recruitment experience and realized how things had changed with the inclusion of digital processes. Today the world is so efficient, except, recruitment has lost its' essence. Recruitment has always been about people, about connection, about connecting good people with great opportunities.
Somewhere along the way recruitment lost the personal touch. Candidates became just another number, or at least that is how they started to feel. Recruiters became more frustrated as their voice was being replaced by text messages that progressively were becoming more ignored as each month passed.

It was at this point that we realized we need to do something about improving on the human experience. While we at it, why not give clients more than they ever expected, after all this is our world.

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Video Interview

Our 3 objectives


Bring back humans

This project is all about improving human interaction in a digital world where personal connection means more everyday


What else can video be used for

This project needed to maximize the potential uses of video... We did a good job of that 😉


Make it easy to use

We had to figure out how to improve your candidate interaction and expand your client base. And you needed to think it was easy... we did it.

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