About ClipDrop

Looking back at our 24 years of experience in recruitment. We noticed how digital processes have changed the way we work. So much so, that recruitment has lost the essence of its human nature. There was once a time when people were the focus of the recruitment process, and the job centered around connecting good people with great opportunities. In today's digital world recruitment have become faceless. Let's reconnect, recruit faster and with far greater success.

Our aim is:
1. To improve on the human experience.
2. Save you as much time as technology will allow.
3. Build your brand.
4. Create a better candidate experience.
5. make more placements more often!

Recruiters became frustrated as their voices were being replaced by text messages that were being ignored more and more as each month passed.  This was when we realized that we needed to do something about improving the human experience. 
Find out why our video software is the best.

about us

ClipDrop's 3 objectives


Humanising recruitment

ClipDrop.io is all about improving human interaction in a digital world where personal connections are embraced every day.


Multi-purpose video software

ClipDrop.io maximises all the ways that video can be used in the recruitment process.


Easy-to-use software for all

We’ve found a foolproof way to improve candidate interactions and expand your client base.

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