The Best Video Interview Software ... Ever!

With the focus on the human connection, you are now able to send the same pre-recorded questions to all your candidates. Text questions are still available for the less brave lol.

Combine your interview questions with intro and meet the team videos to create a fantastic candidate experience like no other!We have taken great care to make sure that the candidate experience is next level. 87% of video interviews are done on a mobile devise, we know this and have created a bespoke tech so that candidates no longer have to download an app 😉
Your brand needs a good candidate experience, without it your interview process might drive your candidate attraction strategy into the ground. It's time for you to use the right video interview tech to impress potential employees!
Interviews and the arrangements that lead to interviews are admin heavy and take up many hours. You can replace each vacancy's prescreening interviews with automated video interviewing software and as a result, you will save an estimated 6 hours per vacancy. Taking into account diary coordination, making contact, and small chat, it is no wonder efficiencies need to be improved. Clipdrop Video Interview Software is best the solution.



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candidate outreach

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Star rate each question answered by the candidate.

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