Candidate Outreach

Here's what to expect with candidate outreach

If you think text messages get read, think again.

87% of all content consumed on the internet is now in video format.

So how do you maximize your success with candidate outreach?

How often do you engage with random spam in your inbox?

Would you feel better about receiving a personalized video addressed directly to you?

I bet you would be curious and the stats prove you would be right. 

By using video in a unique way for candidate outreach, you can expect a 200% increase in response rates when sourcing.

If candidates are not responding to you, it might be that they are tired of reading generic text messages. 

And if that is the case…

A personalized video will get you results!

Highly targeted, powerful, and successful video content is what you need.

A personal video message would appeal to more candidates.

Candidate outreach

Candidate outreach is one of the most important aspects of recruitment. 

Jumpstarting any recruitment or sourcing campaign can be time-consuming. 

If you are successful in a recruitment campaign, it can help you to attract scarce skilled candidates.

The only way around to ensure the success of your campaign is to offer tailored, personalised outreach. 

However, even tailored messages can be overlooked by the ideal candidates. According to recent studies, 87% of all content consumed on the internet is video content. 

People respond better to videos than any other form of content. 

Imagine what it feels like to get a personal video message relating to your dream job, and that’s the experience that you can offer your candidates.

Candidate outreach
best video interview software

200% increase

You can expect a 200% increase in response rates for scarce, skilled candidates.

vlog branding

Better Branding

Candidate outreach can be a branding opportunity. Our white-label software allows company branding to be attached to the outreach video.

Find out more about social media videos and vlogging and how it can affect your candidate outreach.

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