Introducing the Future of Candidate Outreach: Elevate Your Connections with Personalized Video Invitations! 🎥🚀

ClipDrop brings the power of video to source candidates on Linkedin. By using video in a unique way for candidate outreach, you can expect a 200% increase in response rates when sourcing.

If you think text messages get read, think again.
87% of all content consumed on the internet is now in video format. So how do you maximize your success with candidate outreach on Linkedin?   ClipDrop has you covered.

Introducing the Future of Candidate Outreach: Elevate Your Connections with Personalized Video Invitations! 🎥🚀

Are you tired of the same old candidate outreach messages on LinkedIn? Want to stand out and create a meaningful connection? Look no further! With ClipDrop video interview software, you can now take candidate outreach to a whole new level.

Imagine sending tailored video snippets that personally invite prospective candidates to engage in a video interview or take the next exciting step in their career journey. With ClipDrop, you have the power to infuse your outreach messages with a touch of authenticity and personalization that leaves candidates feeling valued and special.

Gone are the days of generic outreach messages that blend into the crowd. ClipDrop’s revolutionary gif technology allows you to address each candidate by name in your video snippets, making them feel like you’ve gone the extra mile just for them. It’s a game-changer in passive candidate outreach, giving you the ability to create a sense of connection that resonates and captures their attention.

Whether you’re reaching out to a handful of candidates or a broad pool of talent, ClipDrop empowers you to keep the message personal while still maintaining the efficiency of a generic video. Break through the noise, leave a lasting impression, and watch your candidate engagement soar.

Upgrade your candidate outreach strategy today with ClipDrop video interview software. Because when it comes to finding the perfect fit, a little personal touch goes a long way. Get ready to connect, impress, and make your candidates feel truly special! 🌟👥📹

Stats prove that people respond to personalized videos

    • How often do you engage with random spam in your inbox?
    • Would you feel better about receiving a personalized video addressed directly to you? We bet you would be curious and the stats prove you would be right.
    • By using video in a unique way for candidate outreach, you can expect a 200% increase in response rates when sourcing.
    • If candidates are not responding to you, it might be that they are tired of reading generic text messages.
    • And if that is the case…a personalized video will get you results!
    • Highly targeted, powerful, and successful video content is what you need.
    • A personal video message would appeal to more candidates.

Candidate outreach is one of the most important aspects of recruitment

  • Jump starting any recruitment or sourcing campaign can be time-consuming.
  • If you are successful in a recruitment campaign, it can help you to attract scarce skilled candidates.
  • Personalized outreach is the only way to ensure your campaign’s success.
  • However, even tailored messages can be overlooked by the ideal candidates. According to recent studies, 87% of all content consumed on the internet is video content.
  • People respond better to videos than any other form of content.
  • Imagine what it feels like to get a personal video message relating to your dream job, and that’s the experience that you can offer your candidates.

 Are you struggling to get candidates to respond to your outreach messages?

Consider using video interview software to take your candidate outreach to the next level! Here are some tips for leveraging this powerful recruitment tool:

  1. 1.  Start with a strong introduction: When you reach out to candidates via video, be sure to introduce yourself and your  rganization clearly and enthusiastically. This can help build trust and excitement right from the start.


  1. 2.  Highlight the benefits of your open position: Use your video outreach to showcase the key benefits of the open position you’re recruiting for, such as salary, perks, and growth opportunities. This can help entice candidates to apply and increase their overall level of interest in your organization.


  1. 3.  Keep it short and sweet: When creating your video outreach messages, aim for brevity. Keep your messages short and to the point, focusing on the most important information that candidates need to know.


  1. 4.  Show, don’t tell: Instead of simply telling candidates about your organization, consider showing them what it’s like to work there. Use video to showcase your company culture, work environment, and team dynamic, and give candidates a taste of what it would be like to be part of your team.


  1. 5.  Use video interviews to assess candidate fit: Finally, consider using video interviews to assess candidate fit and qualifications. This can help you identify the most qualified candidates more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to move them through the recruitment process more quickly.


  1. 6.  By leveraging the power of video interview software, you can create more engaging and personalized outreach messages that are more likely to resonate with potential candidates. Whether you’re recruiting for a high-volume position or a hard-to-fill role, video outreach can help you build a stronger talent pipeline and find the right candidates for your organization.



Candidate outreach is a critical aspect of successful recruitment, but it can be challenging to get candidates to respond and apply. That’s where candidate outreach software and tools come in. These recruitment tools can help you develop and implement a comprehensive candidate outreach strategy that includes both active and passive outreach methods.

So, what is candidate outreach? At its core, it’s the process of reaching out to potential candidates and encouraging them to apply for open positions. This can involve a range of tactics, from traditional job postings and social media outreach to more targeted approaches like personalized candidate outreach messages and candidate video interviews.

To maximize the effectiveness of your candidate outreach, it’s essential to use responsive candidate outreach tools that can help you track and analyze your outreach efforts. By using data-driven insights, you can refine your approach and ensure that your outreach messages are reaching the right candidates at the right time.

One approach that has proven highly effective is candidate video interview software. By conducting video interviews with candidates, you can get a better sense of their skills, experience, and overall fit for the position – all without requiring them to come into the office for an in-person interview. This can save both you and the candidate time and help you identify the most qualified candidates more quickly.

But effective candidate outreach goes beyond just tools and software. To be successful, you need to have a solid understanding of what makes your open positions appealing to potential candidates and how to tailor your outreach messages to highlight these factors. You also need to have a clear understanding of the job of an outreach recruiter – which involves not just finding potential candidates but also building relationships with them over time to keep them engaged and interested in your organization.

So, whether you’re new to talent or candidate outreach or you’re looking to improve your existing outreach strategy, investing in the right candidate outreach tools and software can make a significant difference in your recruitment efforts. By leveraging the power of video, personalization, and data-driven insights, you can attract the most qualified candidates and build a strong talent pipeline for your organization.  Look no further than Clipdrop.   We have what you want.  Start with our free trial below.   See you soon!   Read more about video interviewing 


But wait, there’s more! ClipDrop isn’t just perfect for candidate outreach, it’s your ultimate tool for one-way video interviews too! Imagine conducting seamless interviews that truly reflect your company’s innovation.

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200% More Responses

You can expect a 200% increase in response rates for scarce, skilled candidates.

More Professional Brand Exposure

Candidate outreach can be a branding opportunity. Our white-label software allows company branding to be attached to the outreach video.

Maximize Social Media

Find out more about social media videos and vlogging and how it can affect your candidate outreach.

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