Transforming Recruitment at Citi Bank: How Clipdrop Revolutionized their Hiring Process

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent efficiently is crucial for businesses, especially in the banking industry. This case study explores how Clipdrop’s innovative video interview software helped Citi Bank streamline their recruitment process, resulting in significant improvements, accelerated hiring, and a lasting adoption of the technology.

Case Study: Citi Bank and Clipdrop
Citi Bank, a renowned global financial institution, faced challenges in their traditional recruitment process. With a large volume of applicants for each position, their hiring team struggled to effectively assess candidates while maintaining a rigorous selection process. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, they turned to Clipdrop’s video interview software.

Implementation and Improvements:
Citi Bank seamlessly integrated Clipdrop into their recruitment workflow. The software empowered candidates to record video responses to predetermined interview questions, providing the hiring team with a more comprehensive understanding of each applicant’s qualifications, communication skills, and cultural fit. By leveraging Clipdrop, Citi Bank significantly enhanced their screening process, saving valuable time and resources.

Time to Hire:
The impact of Clipdrop’s technology on Citi Bank’s time to hire was remarkable. Previously, the bank took an average of 162 days to fill a position. However, after adopting Clipdrop, they experienced a dramatic reduction in their time to hire to just 40 days—an impressive improvement of 400%! This accelerated timeline enabled Citi Bank to secure top talent swiftly, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic banking sector.

Increased Hiring Capacity:
Clipdrop not only expedited the hiring process but also increased Citi Bank’s hiring capacity, in otherwords, they could take on more positions to hire, with the same amount of staff, because a lot of the time consuming work like calling, scheduling and meetings / interviews were done away with.   By eliminating the need for initial in-person interviews, the software enabled the bank to evaluate a larger pool of candidates more efficiently. As a result, Citi Bank was able to hire staff at a rate 8 times faster than before, ensuring they had the right individuals in pivotal roles to support their business growth and expansion.

Adoption and Future Outlook:
The success of Clipdrop at Citi Bank led to widespread adoption of the technology across their recruitment department. The positive outcomes, including faster hiring, enhanced candidate evaluation, and expanded hiring capacity, have solidified Clipdrop’s position as an indispensable tool in Citi Bank’s recruitment strategy. With a forward-looking approach, the bank plans to leverage Clipdrop’s latest features, further strengthening their ability to identify exceptional talent.

Clipdrop’s video interview software has revolutionized the recruitment process at Citi Bank, bringing unprecedented improvements in efficiency and hiring quality. By leveraging this innovative technology, the bank experienced an 800% reduction in time to hire and significantly expanded their hiring capacity. Citi Bank’s successful adoption of Clipdrop demonstrates the software’s value, showcasing its potential to transform recruitment in the banking industry and beyond.

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