How one-way interview software helped us hire 1000% faster (London, UK)

Finding suitable candidates is a challenge faced by many recruitment firms around the world, with 70% of them spending between one to four months to make a hire. This leads to senior employees becoming part of the hiring team and being part of the hiring process for several hours during busy period. This is time that could have been spent on their jobs to add value to the overall business instead.

However, one-way video interview software such as Clipdrops can help recruitment firms and HR departments or hiring managers cut down on the time wasted in interviews by sending out a predetermined list of questions to potential candidates who can then complete a one-way video interview in their own time, without the employer being present.

This not only saves time, but it also allows for a more efficient hiring process. With the one-way interview format, managers do not have to sit through lengthy interviews for candidates that they know would not fit the company, they do not have to tolerate missed or tardy appointments.   They do not have to set appointments and figure out scheduling conflicts.  

Jobplanet, for example, has been using one-way video interview software and it has cut down their hiring process by weeks and sometimes months.  They are now able to interview more people, leading to better hires, and it has freed up their days to focus on more important tasks.

One-way video interview software have helped recruitment firms like Jobplanet to streamline their hiring process, increase efficiency and save valuable time for the company and its employees increasing customer satisfaction.   We welcome you to try out our free trial for 1 month to see how it works for you as it has for others.   We’re in the business of changing lives.   Can we change yours?

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