How to increase recruitment productivity with video interview software


In today’s cutthroat recruitment landscape, every edge counts. As recruiters, we’re always on the hunt for tools that can give us that edge. Enter ClipDrop: the missing link in your recruitment arsenal. After reading this, you’ll wonder how you ever recruited without it.

1. A New Dawn in Recruitment productivity with ClipDrop

Remember those hours spent sifting through endless resumes, manually entering data, or struggling to coordinate with candidates? Those days are gone. ClipDrop is here to revolutionize your workflow, propelling you into a new age of recruitment.

2. Streamlined Processes, Maximized Productivity

ClipDrop seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms, creating a unified recruitment ecosystem. Its intuitive design means less time learning and more time recruiting.

  • Automated Data Entry: Using advanced AI, ClipDrop pulls essential data from resumes, reducing manual entry and human errors.
  • Integrated Communication: Communicate with candidates directly through the platform. No more switching between email, chat, or phone.

3. Global Reach Made Easy

With ClipDrop’s efficient interface, global recruitment becomes a breeze. Coordinate with candidates across time zones, schedule interviews, and make instantaneous offers. Expand your talent pool beyond borders, ensuring you’re always snagging the best.

4. Built-in Analytics: A Recruiter’s Best Friend

Gone are the days of guesswork. With ClipDrop’s robust analytics, get insights into what’s working and what’s not. Track candidate response times, monitor engagement, and refine your recruitment strategy with real-time feedback.

5. A Personal Assistant in Your Pocket

Imagine having an assistant that never sleeps. ClipDrop’s reminders and notification system ensure you’re always on top of your game. Whether it’s interview reminders, candidate follow-ups, or task alerts, miss nothing.

6. Secure, Scalable, and Reliable

In a world where data breaches are the norm, ClipDrop takes security seriously. With top-notch encryption and regular backups, your data is in safe hands. Plus, as your recruitment needs grow, ClipDrop scales with you, effortlessly handling increased loads.

7. Real Testimonials, Real Results

Don’t just take our word for it. Numerous top-tier recruitment firms have switched to ClipDrop and witnessed a productivity surge like never before. They claim it’s not just a tool; it’s a transformation.

Do you know what your time is worth? Consider all the moving parts, how many people are involved in the interview and setup process, then break that down into money per hour. Let’s calculate the ROI on one-way video interview software and how to increase productivity with video interview software.

If you’re not sure what your time is worth, then do a quick calculation. Consider all of the moving parts that go into an interview:

Firstly, consider how much time is taken out of your day and the day of every other person involved in that process. Now combine yours and their hourly rate. Now multiply that by all the vacancies you do per year and then multiply that number by the average number of interviews per position. Are you shocked yet?

Once you’ve factored in these costs and multiplied them by how many hours per week, then break down that number into money/hour. This will give you an idea of how much it costs for each hour spent recording one-way video interviews.

6 Steps to improve your recruiter’s productivity.

 Steps on how to increase recruiter productivity
  1. Use recruitment software and tools that shorten the time to hire or that make your processes faster, such as video interview software which custs out the need for scheduling, meetings and travel.
  2. Leverage your existing candidate pool. 
  3. Set a schedule and prioritize the important things. 
  4. Don’t multitask, stick to the things you’re good at.
  5. Create recruitment back-up support staff that take over menial functions and workflow that is transparent. 
  6. Streamline your interview process with video interview software, no more scheduling appointments and the headaches that go along with it.

A practical, yet conservative video interview software ROI example

Now, lets break time down to money! If you earn $30 an hour and all the panel members earn the same, and 3-panel members are involved in an interview, then there are 4 (people) to consider. Each hour spent in an interview costs your company $120. Let’s assume there are 6 interviews per vacancy and 10 vacancies per month on average. Now, look at this in real terms, below you will find examples of the real cost to your company:

$ 120 x 6 (Candidates) x 10 (Vacancies) x 12 (months) = $ 86 400 P/A

In hours: 4 x 6 x 10 x 12 = 2880 hours a year is spend in interviews as a combined number with all panel members.

Are you shocked yet? Consider how much time and money can be saved using ClipDrop the ROI is massive!

ROI Wins

It is estimated that setting up a single meeting takes about 30 min when calculating all the actions required. Considering how much time you spent in an interview. How long does it take to arrange them? There is a clear need to find a time-saving solution that works.

Here are the three major wins you can expect from one-way video interview software after adoption:

  • You won’t have to be there in person and have a face-to-face conversation with each candidate (which can often lead to unnecessary chit-chat).
  • No more meetings at an office or any other location. This means that you don’t need to worry about travel time, parking fees, or getting stuck in traffic.
  • No need to book a date for the interview and no more time wasted trying to coordinate or manage diaries.

Benefits of video interviewing for HR and Recruiting Teams

Recruiting teams benefit from one-way video interviews in a number of ways. This method saves time and money. It also allows for the hiring manager to screen candidates more efficiently.

With regular interviews, HR and recruiting teams need to find a time that works for both parties in the interview process. Then they have to coordinate with candidates to schedule their availability. Finally, they make sure they have everything they need (e.g., laptop, internet connection, boardroom) before starting an interview session. The overall process is stressful because it requires a lot of work on behalf of HR and recruitment personnel in order to get things done.

How to waste time preparing for interviews:

  • Finding an appropriate location for each candidate interview;
  • Co-ordinating diaries between HR, Hiring Managers, and Candidates;
  • Make sure all parties are comfortable during their conversation;
  • Ensuring there are no technical problems (such as bad lighting);
  • With one-way video interviewing however this becomes exponentially easier because all you need is an internet connection and interviews can be done on the candidates cell phone.

Simply put one-way video interviews save time and money. Moreover, you can cover more candidates in less time and find hidden gems.

Conclusion is a highly cost-effective and efficient way to screen candidates. You can cover more candidates in less time, saving you money on hiring expenses.

You’ll be able to find hidden gems that might otherwise get overlooked by your current screening process—and you can do it all without having to sacrifice precious hours of your day. ClipDrop has one of the best cost-to-benefit ratios in the market and comes with additional products built into it at no extra cost! The ROI on one-way video interview software is beyond expectations.

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