Streamline Your Hiring Process






Streamline Your Hiring Process





Companies use ClipDrop ONE-WAY VIDEO INTERVIEW SOFTWARE to get more interviews done faster without scheduling headaches!

ClipDrop one-way video interview software has been designed to make recruiting easier, faster and more enjoyable.

POWER-UP your hiring practice by increasing your hiring capacity, so that you can do more!  Candidates get to their interviews in their own time as an alternative to phone or in-person interviews without the need for scheduling.   Are your candidates in another time-zone?  No problem.  Watch the interviews in your own time.


Recruitment Agencies, HR Teams, and Talent Sourcing

4-in-1 product with seven uses
Powerful Automation Features
Globally-recognised by Recruiters

Attract & Engage Candidates with Video

Most Competitive Product with the Best Value

Behavioural Psychology and ClipDrop

ClipDrop’s technology was developed in consultation with behavioural psychologists.
There have been decades of research and study into the behaviour of candidates and people in general. We have combined behavioural science and technology to vastly improve the candidates’ and interviewees’ experience in a digital world. By embedding behavioural science techniques into our technology, we are able to mimic and stimulate the brain’s reaction to social environments. This leads to better response rates from direct candidate outreach campaigns and brings the best out of a candidate when answering one-way video interviews. Humans are hardwired to seek out human connections and explore topics of interest that stimulate their imagination. ClipDrop’s technology does exactly that by improving human connection whilst taking them on a journey that creates a pleasurable experience.


4-in-1 Software for Video Interviews, Content Creation and Candidate Outreach.

One-way Video Interview Software is a game-changer!  ClipDrop gives you more than the best user and candidate experience based on our findings in behavioural psychology studies, it can also be used for content creation and candidate outreach. It can even be used to grow your business!  Listen to our Ai guide describe the advantages.


One-way video interview software is a powerful tool for Candidate Outreach

You need to get your vacancy in front of the talent you are looking for before anyone else does. With ClipDrop, we make this easy for you with video messaging, because every vacancy deserves a video. Boost your response rate by simply recording a video message on your browser and posting it to Linked-in and in mail messages.    Boost candidate engagement by speaking the language of today’s online world.

People talking in action on the best video interview software


Screen people, not resumes, with the best Video Interview Software

With the focus on human connection, you are able to send pre-recorded questions to all your candidates. Combine your interview questions with introductions and meet-the-team videos to create a candidate experience like no other!


Campaign Outreach

Record one video for all targeted candidates that can be used over and over again, and still have it addressed to them in person using our gif tech.

Mike talking on the best video interview software


Social Media Vlogs

Posting videos to social media is now simple. Record, upload the application link, and share in three simple steps. Increase traffic with our direct integration with both LinkedIn and Facebook.

ClipDrop will help you grow your business!

Get your business known with ClipDrop’s powerful Video Marketing and Vlogging tools.


“The ability to showcase the company has directly increased the quality of candidates we are attracting.”

Recruiters really enjoy how they can share awareness videos of the potential employee, with their candidates. Maximise incoming applications by creating brand awareness that perfectly captures and reflects the employer’s brand.


Company Intro


Meet the Team


Job Overview

“Online video interview software provides us with a much better sense of the candidate’s personality, skills, abilities, and cultural fit than resumes or phone screens. ClipDrop is the easiest and most customisable video interview platform we have ever used. I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and have used more systems than I can remember.”

“When you approached me to be part of the ClipDrop case study, I was still a one-person business. I was happy to be part of a case study as I had time on my hands as a result of COVID lock-downs. At the time I thought that it might be interesting. What I did not expect was the effect it would have on my business. In just six months, my turnover is up threefold and I recruited two people to assist me, with a third on their way.”

Angie Shamley

Recruitment Ninja and Business Owner

“Clipdrop is the most innovative product I’ve seen in the recruitment industry in more than 10 years.”

Jacqui Ford

CEO, APSO (Federation of African Professional Staffing)

It's easy to get started with the best video interview software from ClipDrop

Get started with a free, zero-commitment trial or schedule an online demo now!

Read more about recruiting software and one-way video interviewing...

In today’s fast-paced world, the hiring process has evolved to meet the demands of a more virtual and remote workforce due to Covid-19 and the possibilities of pandemics. With the rise of virtual communication, video interviews have become an essential part of the recruitment process. Video interviews allow recruiters to connect with candidates from anywhere in the world, saving time and resources while ensuring that the best candidates are selected.  It is especially good for hiring remote workers around the globe where it is difficult to schedule and connect due to differing time zones.

Whether you’re conducting a virtual, remote, or online interview, onvideo interview software is a must-have recruitment tool for recruiters. With video interview software, recruiters can easily manage and conduct one-way video interviews, a popular format where candidates record their responses to pre-selected questions. This type of software is particularly useful for recruiters who want to assess candidates’ communication skills, personality, and problem-solving abilities without investing significant time and resources such as when hiring sales staff.

The best video interview platforms offer features that help recruiters streamline their recruitment processes, such as automated scheduling, video recording, and screening tools. These platforms allow recruiters to create, manage and conduct video interviews with ease, making the hiring process faster, more efficient, and more effective.

Video interview software also allows for virtual hiring, which enables recruiters to connect with candidates from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for companies that need to hire remote workers or want to expand their talent pool beyond their local area.
In addition to one-way interview software, there are many other video recruitment tools available to help recruiters find and hire the best candidates. These include video job interviews, virtual hiring, video job applications, and video talent acquisition software.

The best one-way video interview platforms and software offer a range of features that make the recruitment process more efficient and effective. They allow recruiters to assess candidates’ skills and personality, reduce time-to-hire, and increase the quality of hires.

Video staffing software is also becoming increasingly popular, as it allows recruiters to manage and track their staffing needs and hiring processes more effectively. These tools help recruiters streamline their recruitment processes, saving them time and allowing them to focus more on income producing work, while ensuring that they hire the best candidates for the job.

Whether you are an HR team, recruitment agency or talent sourcing company, ClipDrop has the recruitment tools you need to succeed. With the Interview Management System, you can easily manage and track your candidates’ progress, while the Video Interview Assessment Tool helps you make more informed hiring decisions. This HR hire tool is designed to help you recruit smarter and faster, while generating a higher ROI.
If you want to grow your recruitment business, you need the right tools. ClipDrop’s recruitment software programs are designed to help you do just that.

By using Clipdrop in combination with tools like Talent Genie, you will see your productivity skyrocket by more than 400%.  From online hiring platforms to remote hiring tools, it has everything you need to succeed.Its video conferencing software is top-notch, and the One-Way Digital Interview Platform is a game-changer. In summary, ClipDrop is the best Video Interview Software and recruitment tool available in 2023. With its one-way video interview feature, recruitment tools, and top-notch video interview platforms, it is the perfect tool for any recruiter or HR professional. So, if you want to conduct automated job interviews, manage candidates more efficiently, and make more informed hiring decisions, ClipDrop is the way to go.



Your frequently asked questions answered here


What is one-way video interview software?

One-way video interview software enables you to send candidates a link where they complete a video interview with a pre-set list of questions with a time limit. Your can then watch them on your own time as they roll into the Clipdrop inbox, saving you valuable office hours.

Why is video interviews important for recruiters?

One of your top priorities as a recruiter is to move qualified candidates through your hiring pipeline as quickly as possible. Recruiters can accomplish this by using video interview software. This is why Recruiters and HR Managers are increasingly relying on software like ClipDrop to streamline their hiring process.

What is the best video interviewing software?

Choosing the right video interview software is easier said than done. With plenty of online video interviewing tools available in the market, it can be a tricky process to choose the best video candidate screening software for your recruitment needs. ClipDrop has developed the best 4-in-1 video interview software with 7 powerful tools packed into an easy-to-use product.

But we can just use Skype or Zoom? What's the difference?

The difference is time.   How long does it take you to schedule appointments that people show up too?  And what about the ones that don’t? Or who do you delegate that task too?   Somebody has to do it.   And that’s valuable time.   It’s needless grunt work that you couldn’t get around.   But now you can.  Even if you use Zoom or Skype, it’s still scheduling headaches and contact work.

How will one-way video interview platforms lead to better hires?

You know how it goes, the minute somebody walks in the door, you already know if you’re going to hire them or not.  But then you still need to sit through the entire interview.  Not with Clipdrop.   Simply skip to the next interview = faster time to hire.

How will one-way interviews impact the candidate experience?

In 2023, a candidate is interview the organisation just as much as the organisation is interviewing them, particularly millennials.  They want to work for forward-thinking, technology driven organisations.   Using Clipdrop can only enhance their experience and perception of the brand.   We have also embedded in the technology mechanisms to make the engagement more personal, rather than it feeling cold and robotic.

Where is the customer support team based?

We have a customer support team of 20+ and they are based in Cape Town.

What is the cost of one-way video interviewing platforms?

Most video interview software comes with a hefty price per interview or per vacancy. Unlike traditional one-way video interviewing software, we don’t charge per interview or per vacancy. With ClipDrop you get to use the platform for as many vacancies as you like provided that you don’t run out of space. That being said, managing your space is easy!  Check out our pricing plans here.

Can I cancel anytime?

We have month-to-month contracts and you can cancel at any time.  However, that’s not the case with the yearly subscription paid upfront.  However, clients try a couple of months month to month and then take the yearly subscription because it’s at a large discount compared to month to month.  We have debit and credit card facilities through Payfast, or we can invoice you.


Don’t just take our word for it, here are some useful  industry links to discover more about video interview platforms and software.   Enjoy!   And be sure to come back.


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