Social Media Post- Video Blog (Vlog)

We offer direct integration into LinkedIn and Facebook, making your social media video posts or Vlogs easy to record and deploy.

Posting videos to social media in the form of a vlog or pre-recorded clip with ClipDrop is simple. Record or upload the application link and share in three simple steps.

Both LinkedIn and Facebook give preference to video content that is hosted on their platforms. This means that if you choose to share a link to LinkedIn or Facebook via a third part platform like YouTube, you will not get the same preferential treatment. Using ClipDrop’s direct upload integrations will increase traffic flow for your candidate outreach campaign!

Video Blogs (Vlog) are easy ways to produce content that drives your message to the market. You might be marketing your recruitment services, or you might just want to create content to drive candidate interaction and awareness. ClipDrop makes Vlogging easy.

Social Media Vlog
candidate outreach

Brand your Vlog

Improve brand awareness and desirability by branding your Vlog

candidate outreach

Include Links

You can include text and links back to your website or to your ATS apply page, thus increasing traffic to your careers page.

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