Social Media - Video Blog (Vlog)

Direct integration into LinkedIn and Facebook

Posting videos to social media in the form of a vlog with ClipDrop is simple. 

Use vlogs to attract candidates to your ATS or careers page.

Three simple steps complete the process:

  1. Add a career page link
  2. Record the Vlog
  3. Share

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook prefer videos hosted on their platforms. 

Using ClipDrop’s direct upload integration will increase traffic to your candidate outreach campaign!

Video Blogs (Vlogs) make it easy to market your recruitment services. 

You can create content to drive candidate interaction and brand awareness. 

ClipDrop makes vlogging easy.

Social Media Vlog
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Brand your Vlog

Improve brand awareness by branding your Vlog with state-of-the-art white-label software.

vlog branding

Include Links

Include text and links back to your website, increasing traffic to your careers page.

Find out more about our direct candidate outreach software, where you can target candidates directly.

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