Let’s explore some of the video interview software features.

The idea that you can automate your interview process may seem foreign to some people. In reality business processes have been automated for years and will continue to be automated in the future. Clipdrop.io was built for those progressive companies that want to maximize their impact on business without losing the human touch. Below you can explore our automated video interview software features. We are sure that you will find that the value we offer will make Clipdrop.io one of your go-to products going forward. Below you can explore some video interview software features.

Below you can explore some of the individual features.

Clipdrop.io one-way video interview tips

One-way video interview software

With ClipDrop you can move away from text questions and use video. Moreover, your candidates don't have to download any apps. It's a better candidate experience.

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Video Blogs - Vlog

87% of all content consumed on the internet is video-based. Record on ClipDrop and post directly to LinkedIn and Facebook. 

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Candidate Outreach

Get face to face with your candidates when sourcing. No need for text messages that get ignored anymore.

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If you would like to explore the ROI on video interviewing software after having familiarized yourself with the features, CLICK HERE

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