Why is Candidate Experience SO Important?

The importance of candidate experience is something that recruiters and hiring managers have known for years. Candidates can choose not to answer your call or email—or they can go on and apply elsewhere if they don’t like your process. There’s a lot more information available to candidates than ever before. It’s up to you to make sure they understand why your job is better than the others out there.

Candidates are more likely to consider your process if they have had a positive experience (which means you need great tools).

The best candidates are always in demand

One of the key factors to consider is that the best candidates are always in demand. Their experience of your process is key to your success.

Whether you’re hiring for a customer service role or a Full Stack Developer, candidates are applying for jobs across multiple companies at any given time. If you want to be one of their choices, it’s important that you give them a positive experience with your hiring process from beginning to end. ClipDrop.io has one of the highest-rated candidate experiences in the market, which we will get into later.

In todays day and age, the candidates experience is king. One of the key factors to consider is that the best candidates have options. Their experience of your process is key to your success.

Time to hire and the candidate experience

The time to hire is a major issue for most companies and candidates. This is especially true when sourcing tech and other high demand roles, finding the right people to fill high-demand roles can be difficult. Candidates want an efficient process that doesn’t take up too much of their time. While recruiters want to make sure they’re not wasting any candidate’s time by not providing them with enough information upfront or asking questions that don’t fit within their experience level. The end result? A poor experience for everyone involved:

  • Companies spend too much money on hiring services when they could have saved money by using one-way video interviews from the beginning
  • Candidates feel like they’ve wasted their time after going through multiple rounds of interviews only to be rejected because they didn’t meet all of the qualifications or experience (even though those qualifications were never communicated)

It’s important that companies take steps towards improving how well they communicate what it takes to get hired. This ensures that both sides can understand each other better and avoid a negative candidate/client experience.
This is precisely why ClipDrop.io allows you to upload introduction videos, meet the team video and job overview videos. The candidate can familiarize themselves with your company. It is best to have a prepared and motivated candidate, don’t you agree?

One-way interview software can help improve your candidate experience, save money and reduce the time to hire.

One-way video interviewing is an excellent way to communicate with candidates, as it’s more convenient for both parties.

For candidates:

  • They don’t have to travel for the interviews and can do it from home or work.
  • They can interview at a time that works best for them, the inconvenience factor.

For employers:

  • There are no travel expenses involved in one-way video interviews (no flights or hotels).
  • Employers can save money by reducing the number of people required on-site during screening events and hiring processes, which helps reduce overhead costs related to travel as well as provides more flexibility with interview scheduling and logistics.
  • Hiring managers can keep working and catch up on interviews when they are having lunch.

So, why choose ClipDrop over any other software?

That’s an easy question to answer.

  1. Most one-way video interview software providers require that the candidate download an app in order to record their responses. ClipDrop.io is bowser-based.
  2. You get to load professional introduction, meet the team, and job overview videos. This helps create a wonderful candidate preparation experience.
  3. Unlike most one-way video interviewing software, your questions can now be in a video format and not just text-driven. Roughly 20% of text-driven interview questions are misinterpreted. Just think about how you have read a WhatsApp message incorrectly in the past, well the same happens with text questions. Now a candidate can listen to tonality and interpret body language in order to better understand the question.


There’s no way to know for sure what motivates someone to give up on your brand, but you can’t afford the risk of having candidates drop mentally before they even complete an interview. That’s where ClipDrop.io comes in. They’re a great way to make sure that every candidate has a positive experience with your company and an impressive way to communicate what it’s like working there. As a final note CareerPlug recently reports that 58% of candidates that declines an offer do so because of a negative candidate experience. In a controlled study, more than 40% of candidates referred to text-driven one-way video interviews as being a negative experience. However, and in sharp contrast, more than 95% of candidates referend to a good to brilliant experience when exposed to ClipDrop.
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